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Many Calypso divers want to hunt for giant Megalodon shark teeth and other prehistoric fossils, but they aren’t sure how to do it. We’re lucky to have two veteran tooth hunters at Calypso who can teach you!  One of the world’s best underwater fossil grounds is in Venice, just an hour’s drive from Tampa.  

Divers taught by Calypso dive pros Ed Zellem and Fred Blatchford find many more fossils than the average diver. In the last three years, over 170 Calypso divers have found more than a thousand shark teeth and other prehistoric aquatic and land animal fossils offshore Venice! These include many large and prized giant Megalodon shark teeth.

If you go shore diving in Venice, you might find some small shark teeth. But it takes a boat dive to find the BIG palm-sized megs and other prehistoric fossils. Most are 3 to 10 million years old and have a beautiful black onyx sheen.

So again this year by popular demand, Ed and Fred have volunteered to teach their unique methods via Zoom and then dive with up to 10 Calypso divers each month! The all-inclusive cost for the one-hour Zoom session and a 2 tank boat dive is only $169 plus tax. Minimum Diver Requirements: 

  • Open Water Certified

    • Must have dove in the last 12 months. 

    • Not your first dive in the ocean/saltwater

  • Minimum age 15 

  • Must be able to exit and board the boat by ladder without assistance in full gear

  • Comfortable on surface swims in occasional 2-4 ft seas. 

  • Comfortable in occasional low visibility underwater (5' to 15'). 

  • Comfortable with diving in light current and navigating back to the area of the boat with a compass (we will review how to use one if needed). 

  • This is NOT a guided dive underwater, and is NOT appropriate for scuba refresher training.      

  • Although depths are relatively shallow (25-30 feet) on the fossil grounds, this dive is NOT  appropriate for newly trained divers. Calypso has other programs to support new or inexperienced divers. 

DON”T MISS OUT! This is a very popular dive, and spots go FAST.  You’ll come home with something for sure, and quite possibly some world-class Megalodon tooth fossils! 

You can choose between a morning (7:30 AM show) or afternoon (12:15 PM show) 2-tank dive. Most divers get at least an hour of bottom time on each dive.  

AND THERE'S MORE - 2 tanks are included, and will be waiting for you on the boat! 

Reserve your spot NOW online before trips fill up. Singles are welcome - we'll make sure you have a buddy if you want one.

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