• Recreational Avelo Diver Specialty

Recreational Avelo Diver Specialty

Unparalleled buoyancy control in a lightweight package.

Imagine a scuba set that's half the weight of your current one, yet gives you more bottom time. Imagine that scuba could provide the freedom and streamlined experience of freediving. Now, imagine all this with immediately perfect neutral buoyancy.

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Calypso is bringing the Avelo System to Florida this summer, and you can JOIN US in becoming an early pioneer of this new innovation in scuba technology! Training and two-tank certification dives are at Lake Denton on July 17-19 for only $450. Rent a system to use for two more dives for $100. Better yet, after training you can add the Avelo system to your Calypso Boynton Beach trip on July 20-21 for an additional $250. That’s four more Avelo dives! 

The Avelo Hydrotank system is built around a buoyant, lightweight carbon-fiber tank with a large 106cf capacity (most recreational scuba tanks are only 80cf) and a massive max service pressure of up to 4350 PSI! WOW. The Avelo tank is buoyant, and can become lighter or heavier by adding or removing water (not air) to maintain neutral buoyancy. Your Avelo jetpack-style rig will be about half the weight of a traditional BCD, weights and tank. 

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